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About us and what this program is?

This program was created with the purpose to help local residents or visitors of the Costa Blanca, Spain to search local business services, restaurants, bars, doctors and many more based on real user reviews. If you register to our page you can also be a contributor and make your own reviews.

We have been working hard for many months to create such vessel that you can fill with content. The program is not finished. We are continously developing it, adding new features weekly, monthly. If you encounter any error, please help us by reporting it via the Contact page.

We are constantly adding new listings to the system. And not only businesses. You can find here: school for your children, the nearest police station, a town hall or some other important government building. Feel free to use the search and then check the map, the pictures, address, phone number, web or facebook link and the given reviews of the chosen listing. The application is fully mobile friendly, so you can use it on your phone too.

If you arrive as a visitor you can still benefit from this site. In case you need emergency services like a doctor, a pharmacy or your car needs a mechanic you can use the database and find a reliable service, based on local reviews. So you won’t feel as vulnerable in a foreign country. Whether you are a local resident or just a visitor, we do encourage you to register and make reviews of your own experience so that will help others in the future.

We also have a Facebook page where you can contact us or get more information. Please like us if you get there. You can find the widget down in the footer!

Enjoy the benefits of this program!
The developers